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New! Aktualizacja oprogramowania Vigor serii 2120 (2018-01-18)
New! Aktualizacja oprogramowania Vigor serii 2912 (2017-11-02)
New! Aktualizacja oprogramowania Vigor serii 2925 (2018-01-11)
Aktualizacja oprogramowania Vigor serii 2860 (2018-01-04)
Aktualizacja oprogramowania Vigor serii 2960 (2018-01-04)
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Nowa wersja firmware dla serii Vigor2960


DrayTek udostępnił nową wersję firmware dla serii Vigor 2960 o oznaczeniu Aktualizacja w wersji angielskiej dostępna jest już w naszym serwisie w dziale Pliki lub na


Vigor2960, a firewall broadband router with dual-WAN interface, can connect to xDSL/cable/VDSL2/Ethernet FTTx. The dual-WAN and 4-port gigabit LAN switch facilitates unified communication applications in business CO/remote site to handle large data from subscribed fatter pipe. The state-of-art routing feature, VPN security, and Dual-WAN provide integrated benefits for professional users and small offices.

Due to the firmware size limitation, for devicesusing firmware version 1.0.5 or earlier, it is suggested to upgrade to firmware version first before upgrading to version 1.0.9 or later.


1. Improved: Improve the high memory usage issue after running for long period of time.
2. Corrected: FTP active mode wasn't passed correctly.
3. Corrected: Packet Monitor 'Host' option didn't work.
4. Corrected: MOTP user profile could not be saved without Password.
5. Corrected: Wrong TTL value appeared in Session Table.
6. Corrected: SSL VPN was unstable with MacOS SmartVPN client.

Known Issue

1. You need to disable Force IPsec with L2TP options for pure L2TP tunnel in VPN and Remote Access >> PPP General Setup.
2. After upgrading to firmware version 1.2.0, Vigor2960 using the new MXIC and “nand” -flash cannot downgrade to the previous firmware version We can check the flash by CLI command status system.
Model : Vigor2960
Hardware Version : 1.0 (M) <---------------- (M) for MXIC Flash
Hardware Version : 1.0 <---------------- none for the original Samsung Flash
Please email to to get the special firmware if you want to downgrade to the previous firmware version.
3. HA configuration is not compatible. Firmware version 1.2.0 only supports one HA profile while the previous firmware version supports 3. The primary/ secondary role field is removed in the new firmware version also. A user will need to reconfigure HA settings.

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