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Aktualizacja oprogramowania Vigor serii 2760 (2087-01-30)
Aktualizacja oprogramowania Vigor serii 2120 (2018-01-18)
Aktualizacja oprogramowania Vigor serii 2912 (2018-01-18)
Aktualizacja oprogramowania Vigor serii 2925 (2018-01-11)
Aktualizacja oprogramowania Vigor serii 2860 (2018-01-04)
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Nowa wersja firmware dla serii Vigor2760


DrayTek udostępnił nową wersję firmware dla serii Vigor 2760 o oznaczeniu 3.8.7. Aktualizacja w wersji angielskiej dostępna jest już w naszym serwisie w dziale Pliki lub na


DrayTek launches Vigor2760 series – high speed router, perfectly complied with VDSL2/ADSL2/ADSL2+ environment including Vigor2760, Vigor2760n and Vigor2760Vn for speed-wanted customers. For more details of the product information, please visit our website on


For DSL models, there will be two folders: STD and VECTOR. The files in VECTOR folder implement a new DSL driver, which supports G.Vectoring on VDSL. If you're using a VDSL line, VECTOR firmware may brings out better performance; however, please consult your ISP to check if G.Vectoring is required. We also provide two versions of Vector firmware to avoid the interoperability issue. You could just try the other one if the one you use cannot synchronize or get the sp
eed that you expected.

Available modem codes for Annex A/Annex B are displayed as follows:


For Annex A Model,” is used for modem code 548006_544401 & 560816_552011. is used for modem code 567517_562301 & 566f07_562701. is used for modem code 574307_571801 & 573807_571701. is used for modem code 576d17_572801 & 574307_571801.
Vigor2760_v3.8.7_”is used for modem code 579F17_573F01 & 573807_571701.

New Features

1. Add an option to disable / enable EAPOL Key Retries (Wireless LAN(2.4GHz) >>Security Settings), so system administrator can configure EAPOL retries.
2. Support VoIP >> Diagnostics.
3. Support IKEv2 for IPsec tunnel in LAN to LAN.
4. Support Console to Telnet.
5. Support backup/ restore config for firewall.
6. Support Firewall >> Diagnostics.
7. Support backup/restore config by USB.
8. Add SNMP Server to WAN/LAN Access Control.
9. Support RIP over PPPoE.
10. Support DrayDDNS.


1. Improved: Send Syslog during 4-way handshaking of 2.4G wireless connection to help identify EAPOL Key Retries action.
2. Improved: A warning message will be popped up when management from LAN is disabled.
3. Corrected: DNS Filter Administration Message wasn't displayed after changing Vigor's management port number.
4. Corrected: Ping Diagnosis tool did not work properly.
5. Corrected: VDSL connection could not get showtime with VT4 modem code.
6. Corrected: Failed to authenticate L2TP over IPsec VPN connection by customer's LDAP server.
7. Corrected: Open ports did not work but port redirection and DMZ worked fine.
8. Corrected: DDNS Syslog showed WAN IP not present! even the WAN was up and got the IP address.
9. Corrected: SSL VPN could not be established when server certificate authentication was enabled with Android 7 devices.
10. Corrected: Port Redirection/Open port/DMZ failed after Session Limit was enabled.
11. Corrected: Data flow monitor showed external/destination IP traffic after a H2L L2TP over IPsec was connected.
12. Corrected: Failed to upgrade firmware with firmware upgrade utility 3.6.6 or MFUU 1.5.1.
13. Corrected: Customized default configuration overwrote the default WPA PSK Key.  
14. Corrected: Outbound SIP call disconnected after specific ITSP was used for 20 seconds.

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