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Aktualizacja oprogramowania Vigor AP910C (2017-09-28)
Aktualizacja oprogramowania Vigor serii 2952 (2017-09-14)
Aktualizacja oprogramowania Vigor serii 3220 (2017-01-04)
Aktualizacja oprogramowania Vigor serii 2860 (2017-09-01)
Aktualizacja oprogramowania Vigor AP710 (2017-08-04)
Aktualizacja oprogramowania Vigor AP810 (2017-08-04)
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Nowa wersja firmware dla serii Vigor2860


DrayTek udostępnił nową wersję firmware dla serii Vigor 2860 o oznaczeniu 3.8.5. Aktualizacja w wersji angielskiej dostępna jest już w naszym serwisie w dziale Pliki lub na


Vigor2860 series is a VDSL2 router with multi-subnet for secure and efficient workgroup management. It integrates IP layer QoS, NAT session/bandwidth management to help users control works well with large bandwidth.

New Features

1. Support SIP & RTSP ALG. (NAT >> ALG).
2. Support wireless 2.4G & 5G roaming (Wireless LAN (2.4GHz) >> Roaming & Wireless LAN(5GHz) >> Roaming).
3. Support large LAN subnet, and subnet network mask could be “/22”.  
4.Support white/black list in DNS filter (CSM >> DNS Filter).
5. Support backup configuration to USB disk automatically at regular intervals (System Maintenance >> Configuration Backup).
6. Support reset data quota monthly in user management (User Management >>User Profile).   
7. Support IP Group/Objects in Load-Balance/Route Policy rules.
8. Add an option to send debug log by mail (System Maintenance >> SysLog / Mail Alert Setup).   
9. Support bridge video streaming from a PVC to a WLAN SSID (WAN >> Multi-PVC/VLAN).   
10. Support alert & log in switch management (Central Management >> Switch >> Alert and Log).   


1. Improved: Support IKEv2 in Remote Dial-in User and LAN to LAN (in VPN and Remote Access>>Remote Dial-in User and VPN and Remote Access>>LAN to LAN).
2. Improved: Forward Packets from WAN to Remote VPN Network.  
3. Improved: Protocol could be TCP/UDP as default setting in NAT setting instead of ---.
4. Improved: Add LAN1 to LAN Access Control.                                                                          
5. Improved: Import X.509 certificate via SSH (mngt cert_import cmd).
6. Corrected: QoS failed to work when bandwidth limit was enabled.
7. Corrected: Fix incorrect DNS filter behavior.
8. Corrected: PPTP VPN displayed RADIUS / LDAP authentication logs when RADIUS / LDAP was disabled.
9. Corrected: ARP entry configured manually could be cleared after 3 minutes.  
10. Corrected: “On Line” link of external device only supported HTTP port 80.  
11. Corrected: The performance of L2TP over IPsec was poor, when DoS defense was enabled.
12. Corrected: DHCP offer was recognized as DoS trace route.
13. Corrected: VoIP was dropped, when Broadsoft Cloud PBX service was used.  
14. Corrected: RTP SSRC value calculation issue.  
15. Corrected: Failed to login the router by Syslog telnet facility.  
16. Corrected: DNS Forwarding failed to work when the DNS server located in LAN.  
17. Corrected: Web Portal setup issues with Safari in OS X.  
18. Corrected: Create Root CA certificate start date was 1 day after time of creation.
19. Corrected: TCP port 8001 and 8043 were opened on WAN.
20. Corrected: TCP port 8069 was opened regardless of Access Control List.  
21. Corrected: LAN DNS case sensitive issue.  
22. Corrected: FTP Privileged port bounce scan issue.
Known Issue

1. Vigor router will fail to send multiple papers/files from Phone1 to Phone 2 with FAX mechanism.


File and Modem Code
For DSL models, there will be five folders: STD, VECTOR1, VECTOR2, VECTOR3 and VECTOR4. The files in VECTOR named folder implement a new DSL driver, which supports G.Vectoring on VDSL. If you're using a VDSL line, VECTOR named firmware may bring out better performance; however, please consult your ISP to check if G.Vectoring is required. We also provide two versions of modem codes to avoid the interoperability issue. You could just try the other one if the one you use cannot synchronize or get the speed that you expected. Available modem codes for
Annex A

For Annex A Model, is used for modem code 548006_544401 & 560816_552011 is used for modem code 567517_562301 & 566207_562101 is used for modem code 574307_571801 & 573807_571701 is used for modem code 576d17_572801 & 574307_571801 is used for modem code 579c17_573f01 & 579f17_573f01

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