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New! Aktualizacja oprogramowania Vigor serii 2120 (2016-06-21)
Aktualizacja oprogramowania Vigor AP902 (2017-06-07)
Aktualizacja oprogramowania Vigor serii 2860 (2017-05-31)
Aktualizacja oprogramowania Vigor serii 3900 (2017-05-18)
Aktualizacja oprogramowania Vigor AP810 (2017-05-18)
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Nowa wersja firmware dla serii Vigor 3900


DrayTek udostępnił nową wersję firmware dla serii Vigor 3900 o oznaczeniu 1.3.0. Aktualizacja w wersji angielskiej dostępna jest już w naszym serwisie w dziale Pliki lub na


Vigor3900 Due to the firmware size limitation, for devices using firmware version 1.0.5 or earlier, it is suggested to upgrade to firmware version first before upgrading to version 1.0.8.x and later.  

New Features

Support IKEv2 for IPsec  
Support Central Management for AP.
Support Central Management for Switch.
Add additional web (responsive version) pages for mobile device.
Support DNS Security in Applications.
Support Server Load balance feature.


Improved: Support Xauth for IPsec remote dial in VPN connection.
Improved: Support Auto adjustment to make the best utilization of available bandwidth in bandwidth limit function.
Improved: Support TLS 1.2.
Improved: Improvement for Fail to Ban / Access Barrier.
Improved: Support User Object/Group and LDAP GRP in Bandwidth Management>>Sessions /Bandwidth Limit page.
Improved: Add the notification sending mechanism when detecting another DHCP Server.
Improved: Add manual switch button for HA hot-standby mode.
Improved: Support Auto Timezone settings.
Improved: RADIUS page design.
Improved: Add guest profile to firewall.
Improved: Add VPN Mail Alert Delay option in Notification settings.
Improved: Traffic Graph >> CPU Usage diagram display.
Improved: Support dynamic prefix for IPv6 LAN.
Improved: Add an option to disable User Login Mail Alert.
Improved: VPN Profiles is allowed to be renamed.
Improved: Support VPN status (online/offline) shown on profile list page.
Improved: Allow to set gateway address for DHCP settings.
Improved: Support “Using SSL” to encrypt LDAP.
Improved: Support “Domain Main” instead of LAN IP for Web Portal Redirect page.
Improved: Support “OpenDNS” in DDNS.
Improved: Add “Login History” for web portal access.
Improved: Turn on WAN DHCP Client Mode by default.
Improved: Support schedule reboot only on weekdays.
Improved: Support wildcard in LAN DNS.
Improved: Support GRE tunnel for establishing VPN with Cisco router.
Improved: Support USB modem WeTelecom WM-D300.
Improved: Add an option “block all incoming traffic” for firewall default policy.
Improved: Support “Email Alert” for WAN status change.
Improved: Add “WAN IP Alias” in Ping/Trace Route.
Improved: Support STARTTLS for Mail Alert function.
Improved: Allow to view certification information in web user interface.
Improved: Support to modify the service provider option in DDNS setup page.
Improved: Add Search feature for IP/Service objects, groups, firewall rules, NAT, VPN profiles.
Improved: Add a Priority Graph hint button in Policy Route Priority field.
Improved: Add Apply Settings to APs in System Maintenance >> TR-069.
Improved: Add a button to clear the dead line time for guest user account.
Improved: Support updating DDNS by HTTPS and add “” as one of the service provider hosts.
Improved: Support SSL VPN in Central Management for VPN.
Improved: Support SHA2 for SSH connection.
Improved: Add maximum login number option for guest users.
Improved: WAN interface can be specified for SSL VPN services.
Improved: Add source IP address for choosing in Port Redirection.
Improved: Add service object option in policy rule.
Improved: Support SPF/TXT DNS Record for WAN Inbound Load Balance feature.
Improved: Support “Change Default Route” to IPsec VPN (without GRE) by “Apply NAT Policy”.
Improved: Add the schedule option in user profile for remote dial-in VPN connection.
Improved: WAN interface can be specified for PPTP remote dial-in VPN connection.
Improved: Change default IPsec proposal DH Group from G2 to G5.
Improved: Support policy route with time schedule profile.
Improved: Support more local subnet on VPN IPsec profile.
Improved: Add Search Button in LDAP to allow users to see and select the Base DN/Group DN

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