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DataNagrody przyznane w 2014 roku.
23/10/2014DrayTek Wins 2014 PC Pro’s Excellence Wireless Routers in UK
15/02/2014DrayTek Vigor2860n VDSL2/ADSL2+ VPN router won award from PC Magazine in Greece
06/02/2014DrayTek Vigor2860n and Vigor2860n plus are credited with versatile functionalities for small businesses and professionals by PC PROFESSIONALE
24/01/2014BuyComs granted DrayTek Vigor Mid-Size business Routers with Gold Award
06/01/2014DrayTek Vigor2830 series ADSL2/2+ Router won Gold Award from BuyCOMs in Thailand


Nagrody przyznane w 2013 roku.
07/10/2013DrayTek Vigor2860n is with great recognition by Expert Reviews in the UK
17/09/2013DrayTek Vigor2860 is introduced by C't ( Heft 20 dated Sept. 9th 2013.
26/03/2013DrayTek Best Load Balancer- Vigor300B
08/01/2013DrayTek Wins the 21st Taiwan Excellence Awards


Nagrody przyznane w 2012 roku.
05/10/2012DrayTek Vigor2130Vn Is Recommended by PC World Magazine in Hungary
24/09/2012DrayTek Vigor2130n, the Editor Choice by Tecnogaming Hardware in Argentina
14/09/2012DrayTek VDSL2 Router, the Vigor2750Vn Receives 4-stars Rating by “expert REVIEW” in the UK
06/09/2012DrayTek VigorFly 210 Receives the Good Reviews by the Chip Magazine in Hungary
11/06/2012DrayTek Vigor2710VDn Received Good Review by PC Net Magazine in Turkey
06/06/2012DrayTek Vigor2850Vn Gets Good Review by PC Advisor magazine in the UK
07/05/2012DrayDrayTek Vigor2850Vn Gets Excellent Scores by PC Pro Magazine’s Review
07/05/2012DrayTek Vigor2850n Recommended by COMPUTER SHOPPER Magazine
27/04/2012DrayTek Vigor2850n receives 5-Star award from Expert Reviews in the UK
31/01/2012DrayTek VigorIPPBX 2820 got the positive review by MREZA magazine in Croatia
03/01/2012DrayTek Wins the 20th Taiwan Excellence Awards


Nagrody przyznane w 2011 roku.
28/12/2011DrayTek VigorFly 200 Wins 'Product of the Year 2011' by PC World in Poland
13/12/2011DrayTek VigorIPPBX Got First Look Review by PC PROFESSIONALE in Italy
10/27/2011DrayTek Wins 2011 PC Pro’s Excellence Wireless Routers in UK
09/29/2011Vigor2710ne wins “Recommend to Buy” award from PC Magazine in Greece 
08/12/2011DrayTek Vigor2830Vn won PC Magazine Award in Greece


DrayTek’s VigorFly 200 is recommended by PC WORLD PHILIPINES 


DrayTek’s Vigor2830 series is recommended by ICT Reviews in UK


DrayTek’s Vigor3200 got positive review by PC World in Vietnam


VigorFly 200 review by PC PROFESSIONALE May 2011 in Italy


Vigor2130Vn First Look on PC PROFESSIONALE Feb 2011


DrayTek’s Vigor2130n Wins the 'Best In Test' of Telekom Idag’s 'Comparable Test of Router with 3G Support'


2011 PC Advisor's Best Wireless Networking Product for DrayTek Vigor2710Vn


Nagrody przyznane w 2010 roku.


Excellent review for Vigor2130Vn by Chip Magazine in Poland


Vigor2820n won “Best Performance” award from PC Magazine in Greece


DrayTek Vigor2820 series received PC Pro in UK Highly Commended in wireless router category


DrayTek’s Vigor2130Vn won the 1st place of 802.11n router comparison by CHIP magazine in Poland


DrayTek’s Vigor2920n receive “Excellent” evaluation result by CHIP magazine in Hungary

09/20/2010DrayTek’s Vigor2710Vn got positive review from DinSide in Norway
08/03/2010NetCHEIF in Israel highly recommends DrayTek Vigor2110n in
05/10/2010Vigo2110n: The LABS WINNER & A-LIST of PC AUTHORITY in Australia
05/04/2010Vigor2110 series got recommendations from PC Pro UK
05/04/2010Vigor2110n wins Best in test - 10 802.11n routers head to head & Router of the year - 2010 DATOR MAGAZIN/Sweden
03/31/2010VigorIPPBX 2820 combined ADSL with ISDN & VOIP in Computer για Όλους magazine Greece


The PC PROFESSIONALE in Italy recommends Vigor2110 series as versatile router for professionals

03/29/2010Vigor2110n Recommended by PC Pro magazine in UK
03/26/2010ALL-IN-ONE DrayTek VigorIPPBX 2820 with 4.5/5 stars in PC Magazine Greece
03/10/2010DrayTek Vigor2110Vn – award in the test of the magazine IT w Administracji
01/27/2010DrayTek Vigor2710Vn won PC ADVISOR UK Gold Reward
01/27/2010DrayTek VigorIPPBX 2820 got 5-star review from



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