Aktualizacja oprogramowania dla serii urządzeń Vigor 3220

Nowa wersja oprogramowania dla serii urządzeń Vigor 3220

DrayTek udostępnił nową wersję firmware dla serii  urządzeń Vigor 3220  o oznaczeniu 3.9.1. Aktualizacja w wersji angielskiej dostępna jest do pobrania w dziale firmware.


  • Improved: Add the MyVigor Services>>Service Status page to display the service activation information.
  • Improved: Add the Station Control field in Central Management>>AP>>WLAN Profile.
  • Improved: Support Exception list for load balance in WAN>>General Setup.
  • Improved: For telnet command setting, give full parameter names for getting/setting all TR-069 parameters.
  • Improved: Add a note to notify the user that the Vigor router certificate is not part of the configuration file.
  • Improved: Add a check box to hide Group Password in Central Management >> Switch >> Profile page.
  • Improved: Support the IP Group as Source IP on Port Redirection/Open Ports.
  • Improved: Add a TR-069 parameter of VoIP QoS for configured by VigorACS.
  • Improved: Add search bar to Left Menu.
  • Improved: Remove the TFTP note from System Maintenance >> Firmware Upgrade.
  • Improved: Add the Dynu DDNS provider as a Provider Host selection.
  • Improved: Support IKEv2 EAP LAN to LAN tunnel for using with NordVPN server.
  • Improved: Improve the timing of sending the RMM information.
  • Improved: Support „Use ACS Server” as the STUN server on System Maintenance>>TR-069 Setting.
  • Improved: The USB printer server is disabled in default.
  • Corrected: Unable to upgrade/downgrade firmware version on System Maintenance >> Firmware Upgrade.
  • Corrected: Vigor router rebooted when OpenVPN client was connecting.
  • Corrected: Vigor router started to reboot every two minutes after twenty-one VPN tunnelswere on.
  • Corrected: Failed to connect to the remote client by „SSL LAN to LAN”.
  • Corrected: Open Port setting (for accessing to the device behind the dialing out router) was invalid if LAN to LAN VPN profile 1 was not used.
  • Corrected: Abnormal status displayed on the Central Management>>External Devicepage (switch connect to tagged VLAN).
  • Corrected: Failed to send Auth code via custom SMS for 2-Step Authentication web login.
  • Corrected: Unable to use port 1194 for TCP/UDP even OpenVPN service was disabled.
  • Corrected: Unable to obtain QoS Class Ratio setting from VigorACS server.
  • Corrected: The wireless 802.1x clients were unable to obtain an IP address from the relayed DHCP server.
  • Corrected: Unable to register to VigorACS.
  • Corrected: Failed to create IKEv2 EAP connection from Windows 10 when using self-signed CA.
  • Corrected: Unable to restore VPN backup profile from other router to Vigor3220.
  • Corrected: Android or Windows10 OS built-in detection page still popped up even if Captive Portal Detection was disabled for the web portal setup.
  • Corrected: Unable to accept VPN remote dial-in users when „change default route to this VPN tunnel” was enabled for the LAN to LAN.
  • Corrected: Unable to authenticate VigorACS server certificate (issued by Let’s Encrypt).
  • Corrected: Unable to resume IPTV after pausing for more than 5 minutes.
  • Corrected: SSL VPN client obtained DNS server address via router’s WAN instead of DHCP Relay server.


  • Use MFUU Tools or Console TFTP to upgrade firmware version if failing to use web user interface for firmware upgrade.

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