Aktualizacja oprogramowania do centralnego zarządzania siecią – VigorACS 2

Nowa wersja oprogramowania dla centralnego zarządzania  siecią urządzeniami DrayTek.

DrayTek udostępnił nową wersję oprogramowania VigorACS  2  o oznaczeniu 2.5.0.

New Features

  • Support batch activation of WCF license.
  • Support to configure IP Conflict Prevention setting on VigorSwitch.
  • Support TLS 1.3 (OpenJDK 11 is required) for connection between VigorACS2 and browser.
  • Support to configure OpenVPN setting for DrayOS router.
  • Add VigorACS2 compatible/secure mode by selecting standalone.xml in system parameter settings.
  • Add the number of used nodes information in About >> License Information page.

Support Model and Version
At present, the models with firmware version (and later version) listed below can be managed by VigorACS:

  • Vigor2120, firmware version V3.8.6
  • Vigor2132, firmware version V3.8.0
  • Vigor2133, firmware version V3.8.9
  • Vigor2760, firmware version V3.8.2.3
  • Vigor2762, firmware version V3.8.8
  • Vigor2830, firmware version V3.6.8.7
  • Vigor2830v2, firmware version V3.8.1.2
  • Vigor2832, firmware version V3.8.7
  • Vigor2860, firmware version V3.8.92
  •  Vigor2862, firmware version V3.8.9
  • Vigor2912, firmware version V3.8.6
  • Vigor2922, firmware version V3.9.8 (for China only)
  • Vigor2925, firmware version V3.8.9
  • Vigor2926, firmware version V3.8.9
  • Vigor2952, firmware version V3.8.9
  • Vigor3220, firmware version V3.8.9
  • VigorAP 710, firmware version V1.2.3
  • VigorAP 810, firmware version V1.2.3
  • VigorAP 900, firmware version V1.2.3
  • VigorAP 902, firmware version V1.2.3
  • VigorAP 903, firmware version V1.3.1
  • VigorAP 920R, firmware version V1.3.0
  • VigorAP 910C, firmware version V1.2.3
  • Vigor1000, firmware version V1.5.4.2
  • Vigor2130, firmware version V1.5.4.2
  • Vigor2710, firmware version V3.6.9
  • Vigor2850, firmware version V3.6.8.6
  • Vigor2920, firmware version V3.6.9
  • Vigor3900, firmware version V1.4.0
  • Vigor2960, firmware version V1.4.0
  • Vigor300B, firmware version V1.4.0
  • Vigor130, firmware version V3.8.2
  • VigorSwitch P1280, firmware version V2.3.0
  • VigorSwitch G1280, firmware version V2.3.0
  • VigorSwitch P2280, firmware version V2.3.0
  • VigorSwitch G2280, firmware version V2.3.0
  • VigorSwitch P2121, firmware version V2.3.2


  • Improved: Improve the settings of external authentication server for each user group.
  • Improved: Add a confirmation page for the action of Delete with wholesale.
  • Improved: Add a system parameter to redirect/force to access into VigorACS WUI via HTTPS.
  • Improved: Display correct device information by clicking the Refresh button on CPE dashboard.
  • Improved: „cn= or uid=” can be used as Common Name Identifier for LDAP External Authentication Server.
  • Corrected: Unable to change the HTTP/HTTPS port on Windows no matter by manual configuration or using the batch file.
  • Corrected: Lack of the option of Each or Shared on Configuration >> Bandwidth Limit >> IPv4 Bandwidth Limitation List.
  • Corrected: Error heading on DEVICE MENU >> Configuration >> Hotspot Web Portal >> Quota Management.
  • Corrected: Setting range (1-255) for Retry displayed wrongly on DEVICE MENU >> Configuration >> System >>SNMP >> Notification.
  • Corrected: The drop down menu options of Service Provider on Configuration >> Applications >> Dynamic DNS and Advanced – Parameters is not consistent with the options configured on CPE.
  • Corrected: The node setting could be saved even it was configured out of the setting range (1 ~ 500) on SYSTEM MENU >> User >> Group Management >> Setting.
  • Corrected: The DrayTek FTP button on SYSTEM MENU >> Maintenance >> File Manager redirected the web page to the Dashboard, not DrayTek FTP.
  • Corrected: An error message appeared when using rrd2influxdb converter tool.
  • Corrected: Display error of uploaded image, title color and message color on DEVICE MENU >> System >> Adverts Carousel >> Advert Item Settings >> Add an advert item.
  • Corrected: Lack of MD5 Auth settings on Configuration >> Routing >> BGP for some CPE.
  • Corrected: Unable to send POSTs to the health server.
  • Corrected: Incorrect display of LAN-B link status on DEVICE MENU >> Dashboard.
  • Corrected: Unable to create Report on SYSTEM MENU >> Reports >> Reports.
  • Corrected: During the period of license valid, a message of license invalid appeared when accessing into the WUI.
  • Corrected: Unable to display license information on SYSTEM MENU >> About >> License Information.
  • Corrected: Statistics page displayed (infinite) ‚&’ when the character ‚&’ used in the device name.
  • Corrected: Incorrect name display when using ampersand symbol in a reboot profile name.
  • Corrected: Lack of some parameter settings on Configuration >> System>>Management for VigorAP 920R.
  • Corrected: Unable to delete a user/user group/network successfully by using Delete with wholesale on User>>Group Management.
  • Corrected: Correct the spelling error on SYSTEM MENU>>Maintenance>>WCF Batch Activation.
  • Corrected: Unable to display correct log for a specified profile on SYSTEM MENU>>Maintenance>>Batch Activation.
  • Improved: VigorACS no longer supports SSL 3.0 for network security.
  • Improved: Add LTE CINR signal quality percentage to VigorACS Dashboard
  • Corrected: Unable to configure settings on DEVICE MENU>> Configuration>> System>> SNMP>> Notification for certain device.
  • Corrected: VigorSwitch G2280 does not support PoE. However, the Dashboard displayed an option of PoE/PoE Error for VigorSwitch G2280.
  • Corrected: Unable to save the settings of uploading files or pasting contents directly on System>>Certificate>>Certificate with private key, if setting With CA Bundle for Certificate form.
  • Corrected: VigorACS license was still valid. However, the license invalid message appeared whenever accessing into VigorACS WUI.
  • Improved: Display the information for Used Nodes on About>>License Information.
  • Corrected: No device image for Vigor2862Ln/Vigor2862L displayed on the DEVICE MENU>>Dashboard.
  • Improved: Support to search a device by using the IP address on SYSTEM MENU>>Network Management.
  • Corrected: Device information widget did not display the serial number for a device.
  • Corrected: The computer had installed the newly Java version already. However, while installing VigorACS, the installer asked to install an older version.
  • Corrected: Unable to correctly display the signal quality (CINR) value on DEVICE MENU>> Configuration >> LTE >> Status >> LTE Modem.
  • Corrected: Group Administrator users saw VigorACS System Log messages of different user groups.
  • Corrected: Unable to get the Active Client Numbers of Vigor router (e.g., Vigor2960).
  • Corrected: The password was not encrypted completely on the System >> log >> ACS System log page.
  • Improved: When displaying Syslog related to routers and APs, other categories relating to switches will be hidden.
  • Improved: Add restriction of maximum length of network name for the wholesales wizard.
  • Improved: Add the size limit (less than 50MB) for a single file (File Manager).
  • Corrected: Unable to save the customized DDNS profile without username and password.
  • Improved: Provide the XML template on the SYSTEM MENU >> Provisioning>>Global Parameter page.
  • Improved: Update VigorACS installation text.
  • Corrected: Neither dialing out VPN from WAN3/WAN4 nor IPsec proposal are available on LAN to LAN configuration.
  • Improved: Add a notification message to upgrade the JAVA version before installing VigorACS.
  • Corrected: Unable correctly to display the device’s dashboard via the Firefox browser.
  • Improved: When the CPE is online, VigorACS can delete it by using Delete This Device and clear TR-069 URL message on CPE side successfully. When the CPE is offline, VigorACS can delete it successfully but not clearing TR-069 URL message.
  • Corrected: Display issue with alarm columns selected on the DEVICE MENU >> Monitoring >>Alarm.
  • Corrected: The Reload button on the Monitoring >> Logs >> Device Syslog page did not work.

Known Issue

  • Database (with MariaDB version 10.3.12) is only available for the user who installs VigorACS 2 for the first time. If your computer has installed MariaDB, do not upgrade the database version to prevent data loss.

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